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❝ Ok, little background info first: I am an asexual, heteroromantic, cis female. For some personal reasons, I wish my future partner/husband to be asexual too. I've met a lot of female aces and trans* aces, but I've never met any cis male aces, and I fear I'm gonna die alone. I mean what is the possibility of the person I fancy happens to be ace like me? Anyway, can some cis male aces like/reblog this post, so at least I won't lose my hope all together? ❞
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Asexuality by Tiny Dinosaur :)!


"Asexuals aren’t real"

Shit. They’re onto us. *transforms in stardust and returns to space*


So, you buy a 3D printer, what do you make with it? Tessellated Ace Pride geckos, of course!


So, you buy a 3D printer, what do you make with it?
Tessellated Ace Pride geckos, of course!

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This is an awesome blog.


I’m looking for more Asexuals/Aromantics/Anyone in the Asexual related group to follow. Like this if you want me to follow you!

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I just finished a film called “not Broken Not Alone” which follows the asexual community as they prepare/participate in WorldPride this past summer.

I’m eager to get the film out to festivals worldwide in an effort to increase both visibility but also the broader conversation that I think asexuality brings up.  I started a kickstarter cammpaign to raise money for this goal

It would be really appreciated if anyone could help get the word out about this project- there are tons of cool rewards for donating, including a streaming copy of the film, and more! and some cake karma :D

Thank you! - Rodney

After a long period of inactivity, AVEN (@asexuality) is back on twitter again - check us out! »

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i said stay the fuck out of the aromantic tag

just go away

the tag is not yours

also, there are people that are both aro and ace you know that right?

also, I never tag unrelevant things anyway

so just get out of my face before I go down to your level of rudeness

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